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Hey everyone it’s nice to meet you. I’m Jay and I just wanted to give you a little background about myself; as to why I decided to make a site dedicated to home theater, sound, etc.

To be honest with you, for about as long as I can remember I’ve been interested in the topic of sound, be it fawning over the bass line in a particular song, or even taking one of those tests online to listen for the lowest note audible.

No clue why it captivated me so much, but I just always found it interesting; along with the fact that some people could hear things that others couldn’t.

Even as far back as elementary school, whenever we had free time, I would be the kid trying out different presets on an mp3 player to try and see what differences it made.

That fascination only grew in middle school when I figured out there was an entire equalizer that you could tweak. As you can probably imagine, I would spend a large amount of time experimenting with that and being just completely captivated by how different it could make a song sound.

But when I watched movies on TV, I would notice that that same dynamism that music and movies had when using headphones, was completely absent when watching it straight from the television.


And So It Begins…

So I began to do some research on how to make a TV sound better when I found out there was something called a home theater in a box which I had no clue existed. Apparently there was a way to make it sound like the movies when you’re at home so I thought sweet, I definitely need to try that!! (big fan of cinema as you could probably guess.)

So Freshman year of high school I saved up some money because I was adamant about buying one of these systems. Conveniently at the store there was this home theater in a box, so naturally I bought it, headed home, and set it up.

Immediately I was floored with the difference it made compared to the TV. I had no idea there were that many little sounds I was missing in the same movies that I saw several times before even with my headphones (which admittedly in retrospect today, those headphones really weren’t too stellar but hey, they were decent at the time)

What I noticed the most though was the bass from the action on screen, and thought man this is so cool. However that was only the start of my fascination with home theater when I found out how much more there was to learn in regards to speakers, calibrating your TV, connecting the right wires, etc.

Not going to lie it made my head spin at first, there was just so much that went into it, but it was so interesting I couldn’t help but be captivated.

This fascination with sound further grew in college where I’d create different beats & melodies, and test different speakers and systems for fun (though ironically my degree was in health science not audio lol)

Fast forward to today, and it’s almost funny the amount I’ve learned compared to back then, especially with moving on from home theaters in a box, to learning to build my own home theater systems. Of course there’s always more to learn but that’s part of the fun.

That also happens to be what easyhometheater.net is about, making the whole process, well…easy!

My Goal For All Of You

There’s just so much information out there, and far to often people might stumble upon the topic, and be genuinely interested, but get so lost in the whole ordeal they quite frankly give up; or even purchase something that might not have been the best buy for their money.

So there was a big goal that I had when I started this website, making the world of home theater easy enough to understand so that you don’t need an engineering degree to know what the heck it is you’re reading.

I remember being completely lost, and so what I want to do here really is share that information with you so that it’s nowhere near as complicated to comprehend. So then with that new knowledge you can make your own informed decisions.

I know I’ve personally purchased many things that weren’t the greatest idea or didn’t personally suit me, so I want to be helpful enough to where we avoid those same mistakes.

Along with that, I want to share my same passion with you, and make this something that’s fun where we all learn together and share cool things or ideas we’ve found that might prove helpful to someone else.

There’s a ton of info out there, but the ultimate goal here is to really make this a place where the average person who might not have the most time in the world to learn, can get a deep enough understanding of home theater that they can make their own informed decisions.

In addition, I also want to cover the lesser mentioned, broader range of home theater like 8K media, streaming devices, ….basically a lot! So this will be a learning experience for all of us (me included, because hey let’s be real, I’ll probably learn a lot from you, no one knows everything!)

So feel free to contact me if you have any questions about anything at all, and I truly do hope you enjoy your time here. 🙂

Jay, Founder of easyhometheater.net





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  1. Incredible. Well done! For someone who did not know what they were getting into you seem to have a very rich foundation for what you set up. I love the sidebar which allows me to get to everything on my only problem was where do I get for comments. After reading the comments and going all the way to the end I found out that that’s we make the comments at the bottom of the page. Very well put together website. It answers a lot of questions and you even make recommendations

  2. Good looking site. I am a fellow fan of the bass. I am much older than you. I learned to love the bass from the DO_WOP records, then Paul McCartney of the Beatles. Some of his bass lines are stellar. I know he took them from the American Blues greats, but he was very proficient at doing it. Maybe this is all too old for you, but the interests remain the same. Turn up that bass!

    Isn’t it great that all this is available now? Movies have always been a passion of mine, too. I can’t wait to see where all this sound development goes. I’m sure your website will be a continuous source of info on this. Good job.

    • Haha I completely agree with you, and no it’s not too old at all! I’m a lover of all types of music, there’s really not a genre I dislike to be honest. And yeah I always think about that. As awesome as technology is now, imagine what it’ll be like in even just 10 years? But appreciate it big time. 😀

  3. Hi, great website. Slick, easy to navigate and plenty of content. Really enjoyed looking around your site and learnt a lot. Thanks Justin

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