The Best Movies For A Home Theater

The Best Movies For A Home Theater

These are some of the best movies for a home theater. To list every movie that would be worth your time would be nigh impossible, so these are just a few that from my experience, would be particularly fun to take a look at due to their surround sound dynamism.

I’ve given my opinion under each without spoilers.

This is going to be a continuously growing list as I test additional movies, so check back frequently.


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Avengers Infinity War

As the culmination of every movie Marvel has produced over the last decade, infinity wars is essentially the pinnacle of what they’ve worked so hard to achieve; the ultimate superhero movie. This is easily one of the best movies I’ve ever seen, and is one where you never know what’s going to happen next. Oh yeah, and it’s absolutely nuts on a home theater system!

Avengers Infinity War




The Hulk


This is a movie that will really test your speakers’ mettle so to speak, especially your subwoofer. Many dynamic scenes where there’s epic fights, helicopters, and lot’s of action. Plus, it’s the freakin’ Hulk so you know there’s going to be some grumbling.

The Incredible Hulk [Blu-ray]




Lord Of The Rings

Besides being an amazing series in general, the Lord of The Rings movies are particularly interesting because of how epic some of the musical scores are when things begin to escalate on screen. Would definitely recommend getting the trio based on plot alone, but as far as material to show off your new toys, this would indubitably be it.

Lord Of The Rings [Blu-ray]




Harry Potter

While sticking to the fantasy theme, how could we forget this classic series, Harry Potter? Harry Potter has pretty much become a household name over the years, and for good reason. If you’ve never watched the series, then I’d highly recommend it, and if you have, I still recommend it due to how enthralling it sounds on a good system.

Harry Potter [Blu-ray]



Star Wars


Speaking of classics and household names, Star Wars anyone? It’s really hard to dislike Star Wars and their iconic characters like Yoda and Darth Vader that we’ve come to know. Another amazing showcase on a good surround system. The plot is also good to boot (you know, as long as you keep in mind light sabers and walkers aren’t a thing…….yet anyway.)

Star Wars [Blu-ray]



The Dark Knight

*In a gruff voice* I’m BATMAN! No not really (that’d be cool), but the Dark Knight trilogy if you haven’t watched already, is a must buy. Besides the obvious action that comes with a batman movie, there’s lots of twists and turns that will genuinely surprise you. 

The Dark Knight [Blu-ray]




 Star Trek

Another surprise hit as of late was the recent Star Trek reboot. In short without spoiling anything, these movies are definitely worth your time. There was a lot of doubt as to how good these reboots would be, (from me included) but wow was I wrong…that’s all I’ll say.

 Star Trek [Blu-ray]





This is one of those series where if you’re squeamish, I definitely don’t recommend it. However if you are on the opposite side of that spectrum the I can’t recommend it enough. Definitely one of the coolest series around, and your subwoofer will undoubtedly get a workout. Plus just look at that loveable face.

Predator [Blu-ray]





Can’t recommend Predator without also making mention of Alien (I mean they even have a movie where they fight each other for pete’s sake) Alien really makes you question how adept humans would be if ever faced with something like that. They’re good movies nonetheless, but do know it can get pretty creepy at times for those who scare easy.

Alien [Blu-ray]





Do you fear the day robots take over the world? Good me too, (not serious) but Terminator is such a good series that there’s no way I couldn’t mention it. The fighting is pretty intense, and the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger just so happens to be one of the main characters; really how could you go wrong?

One of the best aspects of the series is how it gives a what if look into how we might cope with artificial intelligence excelling to the top of the food chain (hint, kind of questionably)

Terminator [Blu-ray]



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  1. Oh man, these would definitely be awesome in a home theater! Have you, by chance, seen Mad Max: Fury Road? I don’t own a home theater, but I saw the movie in theaters in 2015, and I can only imagine how epic it would be.

    • Dude, I love that movie are you kidding? It’s so good haha! I have the game too. If you’ve ever played that, it’s also really fun.

  2. Thanks for putting this site up. It’s very helpful and has given me some great ideas without being too overwhelmingly technical. Excellent work..I think a lot of people really appreciate it! You should check out the John Wick movies, BTW!! They look and sound unbelievable in my theater room!

    • No problem glad you enjoyed it! And you know what’s funny, I’ve watched those movies in theaters but I never actually got around to listening to them on my own sound system, so actually if anything, thank you for reminding me haha.

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