Fun Movie Night Snacks

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Fun Movie Night Snacks

Fun Movie Night Snacks


DIY Trail Mix


Veggie Platter




Popcorn Balls


Fruit Platter


Chocolate Fountain


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites


Chips With Home Made Dip




Homemade Milkshakes


As enjoyable as home theater is, one of the best parts about it has to be when you finally get to kick back, relax, and enjoy your hard work with some amazing food.

Whatever your preference; be it popcorn from a dedicated popcorn machine, to supreme nachos, tasty treats can make the movie watching experience that much better.

So with that, I just wanted to briefly share with you a few of my personal favorite, fun movie night snacks I typically enjoy whenever we have big movie nights (not all at the same time of course).

I’ll include the links to the original recipes, and I’ll also let you know how I put my own unique spin on them too that you can try.

So without further ado, let’s eat!! 😀



DIY Trail Mix

Trail Mix

I feel like trail mix is one of the most versatile yet satisfying snacks that you can honestly have.

Besides the obvious health benefits like being high in protein and healthy fats, it’s also one that can be tailored to your own custom palette.

While you can technically put whatever you want in it, I usually mix peanuts, almonds, cashews, M&Ms, pretzels, and raisins together.

I find that to be a pretty awesome mix.

The best part though is that you don’t even have to eat it all at one time.

Anything that you don’t eat can be saved for a later date, which is pretty convenient.



Veggie Platter

A picture of various vegetable on a platter are shown

Sticking with theme of healthy snacks, a veggie platter is definitely a healthy choice.

Now there’s a myriad options out there that you can choose from obviously, but I personally like to go with celery, broccoli, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, and kale with a side of hummus and ranch.

Even a little rice from time to time.

Definitely getting hungry just thinking about it.




A picture of fondue is shown

If you like cheese at all, then you’ll love fondue. Be it bread, vegetables, etc. it can be paired with almost anything. There’s a million ways to make it, but this recipe I found to be pretty amazing honestly.

Plus the benefit to this one in particular is that everyone will be able to have some since it’s alcohol free. You’ll likely also want a fondue maker by the way if you want it to turn out the best.

Here’s the one I use which even comes with 6 fondue forks.


Artestia Electric Ceramic Fondue Set




Popcorn Balls

In this picture, a popcorn ball is shown

Popcorn is obviously a movie staple and has been since essentially the beginning for good reason. I mean seriously, who doesn’t love popcorn?

So this is a fun little twist on the traditional that you’re likely to enjoy.

By combining it with marshmallows and confectioners sugar, you get a crunchy sweet treat that’s downright irresistible.

Here’s the recipe that I typically use.




Fruit Platter

In this picture, a fruit platter is shown

Like the name implies, a fruit platter is another fun and healthy option to choose. By incorporating a wide variety of different fruits, you can create a vibrant display that is sure to amaze your guests. I like to use this recipe since it’s unique, but you can use anything you want really.

For example, I like to also add a side of Greek yogurt and wheat germ for that little bit of extra flavor (which I highly recommend by the way)

Also here’s a really cool serving platter in case you don’t already have one.


Frost White 12-1/4″ Serving Platter




Chocolate Fountain

Who’s idea was it to create a fountain that spews chocolate? That was a fantastic idea. But if you’re the type that tends to have a sweet tooth watching movies, then a chocolate fountain is an excellent way to satiate that very thing.

The best part about it is that the skies the limit when it comes to what you can pair it with. Chocolate covered strawberries anyone?

And while there’s a lot of different kinds to choose from out there, here’s the fountain I use which works absolutely superbly. Good chance you’ll love it too.


Chocolate Fondue Fountain




a picture of chocolate chip cookie dough is shown

Here’s another interesting spin on a classic treat. These are probably one of my favorite things to have honestly; they’re that good.

The good thing about this recipe is that it substitutes egg instead for half & half, making it perfectly safe to eat. If anything I’d say it tastes even better, so this is one that you’ll easily find yourself making more than once.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites




Chips With Homemade Dip

Chips & Dip


Another snack that goes well with a good movie is chips & dip. I feel like there’s so many recipes out there for dip, but this is one that you likely haven’t tried. It’s a black bean and hummus mix that’s indescribably good. You definitely have to try this for yourself to see what I’m talking about.

As far as the chips go, you can use tortillas, but it honestly tastes much better with pita chips. Couldn’t really tell you why though. Maybe the additional crunch?

No clue, but I usually get these since they have a lot of flavor.


Mano’s Authentic Pita Chip Strips




A picture of potstickers and egg rolls are shown

If you haven’t tried postickers yet, I don’t know what to say. They’re easily one of the best foods in existence in my opinion. There’s countless ways to make them though, so they’re also an extremely customizable option as well.

The only downside is that the prep time is pretty long so if you’re going to have them with a movie, then definitely make them way earlier in the day.

I typically use this recipe , but I’ll also add a ¼ cup of shredded carrots, and a ¼ cup of minced scallions to add some additional flavor. You can even leave the meat out all together and go completely vegetarian; the choice is up to you.

Now with the dipping sauce, leave everything as is except try adding 2 tablespoons of ginger and a tablespoon of scallions to it as well. It definitely kicks up the flavor a few notches without a doubt. This is another one that’s likely to be a fan favorite in the household.



Home Made Milk Shakes

In this picture, a vanilla milkshake is shown

These are super easy to make, but make no mistake about it, they taste absolutely incredible. Funnily enough I’ve tried a lot of milkshake recipes that ended up being either too sweet, or weren’t sweet enough. This one though, manages to get it just right.



Final Thoughts

Well that’s about it for now guys. Hopefully you get to try a few of these fun movie night snacks the next time you have people over. If you need some movie ideas as well, be sure to check out the recommended list that I put together.

But let us know how they turn out in the comments below; or about your own dedicated movie night snacks that you can’t live without. I’d really love to know!

Until next time though, make it easy, keep it simple.

14 Comments so far:

  1. Wow That’s a great snacks appetite you have when watching a movie.
    I rarely snack when watching movies at home. However, in the theaters I love salted popcorn (No caramel)

  2. YUM!!!!
    Now I want to stop work, make yummy snacks and watch a movie
    How delicious – just what you need
    Thank you for this awesome snack choice article

  3. Awesome list of movie night snacks! Unfortunately, it’s not movie night tonight, but I guess I can plan ahead for this weekend haha! Personally, I like regular popcorn with cheddar powder.


    • That’s another good one too!! See there’s so many out there that I had a hard time choosing which to mention lol

  4. Hey,

    I love to have my own home theater, though I can’t afford at this moment. I still love movies using my around ear headphone and enjoy my snacks. Your DIY Trail Mix is a perfect match with my beer. The choco stuffs are attractive but bad for my belly.

    Thanks for sharing.


  5. Hi. What a fantastic article. You have some incredibly delicious recipes there. I can’t wait to organise a movie night with some of our friends and try them out. My favourite one is the popcorn balls. Just the sound of them makes my mouth water. Jim

  6. I like Butterkist Toffee Popcorn. Can’t get away with salted although I’m more a savoury than sweet person. Go figure.
    At home I like pizza! 🙂
    Really love the Veggie Platter idea, being a veggie. Will give it a try and it’s def more healthy! 🙂
    But also tempted by the Chips & Dips. Love hummus. Will try the Black Bean recipe. Trouble is, once you start, you can’t stop!

    • That sounds pretty good actually. And yeah, it really is the problem; there’s so many different ones you can make that it’s hard to choose.

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