25+ Awesome Home Theater Gift Ideas (2024)

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25+ Awesome Home Theater Gift Ideas (2024)

25 Awesome Home Theater Gift Ideas! (2023-2024) - Easy Home Theater

From personal experience, I know how difficult shopping for gifts can be just from the amount of great options out there.

So to help, I created this guide to simplify the decision making process.

Here’s an awesome list of over 25 of the best home theater gift ideas for 2024.

From popcorn makers to movie posters, these are some of the best cinema based gifts & accessories that just might bring a smile to a loved one’s face.

These picks are great for those special occasions, holidays, or even birthdays — whether they’re a casual movie lover, an audio enthusiast, or even yourself!

Note: The gifts aren’t ranked or ordered by any criteria. The numbers are just for reference and convenience. The selections in this guide were also picked based on personal experience & research.

1). Home Theater Equipment


1) A New TV


2) A Projector


3) A Soundbar


4) A New Subwoofer


5) A Universal Remote


6) A Roku Streaming Device


7) Bookshelf Speakers Or Studio Monitor Speakers


8) An AV Receiver


9) A Portable Projector


10) An HDMI Cable



2). Home Theater Accessories


11) Movie Posters


12) Vinyl Record Wall Clock


13) Metal Glass Accent Table


14) Decorative Movie Reel


15) Cinema Light Box with Letters


16) Custom Name Home Theater Wall Decal


17) Govee Smart LED Light Strips


18).Acoustic Panels


19) Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT Turntable


20) A Blu-ray Player



3). Home Theater Snacks


21). Popcorn Machine


22) Upstreman 3.2 Cu.Ft Mini Fridge with Freezer


23) A Chocolate Fountain


24) Disney Mickey Mouse 1-Cup Coffee Maker with Mug


25) My Bambino Personalized Ceramic Popcorn Bowl


26) Microwave Popcorn Popper Maker



4). Home Theater Entertainment


27) Their Favorite Movie Or Show


28) A Video Game Console


29) LED Laser Star Projector


30) A New Pair Of Headphones


31) A Bass Shaker


32) A Streaming Service Subscription



5). Home Theater Comfort


33) High End Theater Chair


34) ALAZA Classic Movie Clapboard Black Area Rug


35) Cinema Personalized Home Decor Design Throw Pillow Cover


36 Ambesonne Movie Theater Shower Curtain


37) A Bean Bag Chair


38) Decorative Movie Socks




1). Home Theater Equipment


1). A New TV

When considering gifts for a cinema room, a new TV is a fantastic choice.

The right high quality TV can be great theater decor since it can enhance the overall look and feel of the room.

When wall mounted, it can also be great wall decor too; giving the room a more cinematic feel.

Of course there’s many different types with different features, etc. but one TV I think is a really solid pick is the LG C2.

It has incredible picture quality, vivid colors, and even has a built in voice assistant with a host of other really cool features.

It’s an awesome TV in my opinion.

Check Availability Of The LG C2 Television


For even more ideas with regards to great TVs, this guide may be helpful





2). A Projector

Another really great home theater based gift idea, especially for a cinema room, is a projector!

Besides being a lot more portable and space friendly than a standard television, you can often get similar picture quality in less of a footprint with a projector.

That’s because rather than relying on internal LEDs and a panel, the internal circuitry of a projector allows it to project light outwards onto a surface to produce an image.

This also allows them to be generally lighter in weight which can be especially helpful for smaller cinema rooms.

Plus another great benefit with projectors is that you can adjust the screen size by simply adjusting the lens — or moving it forward/backwards for even more customizability.

This flexibility makes a projector one of the best movie room ideas.

There’s also dedicated projector screens that can further enhance picture quality and clarity.

The best projector screen material is white blackout cloth since it absorbs light, retains white levels, and can be used in darker rooms.

While there’s also many different projectors, this is definitely a solid choice in my opinion.

Check Availability Of HAPPRUN Projector


Check Availability Of Yandood Projector Screen







3). A Soundbar

If you know someone that’s big into movies, but they can’t have a 5.1 surround sound setup for whatever reason, then a soundbar may be just what they’re looking for.

Just like the name suggests, a sound bar is literally a singular row of smaller speakers from which sound comes out.

This makes for a great alternative to surround sound because it not only saves space, but is a lot simpler to set up.

Not to mention it’s also one of the best gifts for movie buffs in my opinion.

In terms of which one to get, you have a lot of options; but the one I’ve listed below is one of my personal favorites.

It has great detail and really impactful bass, which makes movies an absolute blast to watch.

You can also read the article included below that details a few other great ones that would work too.


Check Availability Of Yamaha YAS-209BL Sound Bar







4). A New Subwoofer

If you know anyone that’s a home theater enthusiast, they’ll likely tell you that one of the most exciting things about this hobby is getting a new piece of equipment.

When considering exciting movie room ideas, a new subwoofer ranks high at the top of that list.

That’s because of the added level of immersion a high quality subwoofer can provide.

From wireless subwoofers to ported variants, there’s lots to choose from.

To help narrow things down a bit, I did an entire guide on choosing subwoofers which I’ll reference below.

But to simplify things, one I would recommend right off the bat for an average room would be the Polk Audio PSW111 since it’s incredible considering what it’s capable of.

With good clean bass, small to normal sized rooms is where it really excels.

For those larger rooms though, the Klipsch R-120SW sub is an awesome choice with punchy & well rounded bass.

Plus it gets plenty loud.


Check Availability Of Polk Audio PSW111 Subwoofer




Polk Audio PSW111 Review







5). A Universal Remote

A Universal remote is a media room accessory & device you can use to control nearly every electronic component in the house.

It’s a convenient option for anyone constantly tired of having to switch remotes for their various devices.

There’s even some that actually have the ability to control parts of your house (how cool is that?)

Now when it comes to choosing, there’s plenty of options with varying features which can complicate things

Luckily though I did an article detailing some of the best ones and how to pick which I’ll mention below.

But one recommendation on a remote that I’ve tried and liked is the GE Backlit Universal Remote Control. 

It’s simple, easy to use, and can control up to 4 devices at the same time which is helpful.


Check Availability Of GE Backlit Universal Remote Control







6). A Roku Streaming Device

A Roku streaming device is an awesome present for a cinema buff due the amount of content it can access.

Basically it’s a media device that plugs into a USB or HDMI slot on your TV that instantly gives you access to hundreds of thousands of movies & shows all at your fingertips.

There are a few different types, so the one you’ll want to get for that person is going to depend on what they prioritize.

I talk about that more below.


Check Availability Of Roku Streaming Stick+







7). Bookshelf Speakers Or Studio Monitor Speakers

If they’re into home theater systems, a new pair of bookshelf speakers or studio monitor speakers could be a great choice.

Bookshelf speakers are speakers that are small enough to be placed on tables or shelves, that still manage to provide a loud, yet quality sound.

They’re particularly useful for when you don’t have the space for bigger speakers, and can serve as great wall decor since some can be wall mounted.

Whether they’re active speakers with bluetooth and aux support, or passive speakers that simply connect to an av receiver, there’s many different options.

There’s also studio monitor speakers, which are similar in size, that are used for more professional listening conditions and musical theater rooms.

If you’re not sure what to choose, think of the room the person you’re getting the speakers for would likely place the speakers in.

From there you can narrow down to what you think might be best.

For example the Edifier R1280T speakers are awesome for listening to music, and as desktop speakers due to their rca support.

While the Klipsch R-41SA speakers are suited for Atmos/DTS:X content.


Check Availability Of Edifier R1280T Speakers









8). An AV Receiver

A receiver is a device that acts as the central hub that essentially connects your entire entertainment system together.

It’s responsible for allowing the speakers & subwoofer to output their audio, providing a video signal through HDMI to the TV, and/or providing connected devices with power.

So it’s definitely an important component.

From Dolby Atmos/DTS:X surround sound, to Wi-Fi music streaming, to aux & rca connection support — receivers can vary wildly in their capabilities and performance.

I say all that to say a receiver can be an amazing gift if you know the kind of system they’d want to use with it.

For example an awesome receiver like the Sony STRDH190 is focused on high quality, 2 speaker stereo sound.

Whereas other great receivers like the Onkyo TX-NR6050 & the Denon AVR-S760H are more focused on surround sound performance with up to 8K resolution support.

To simplify things, if they’re someone that has, or plans to have, a 5.1 or 7.1 channel system, then those 2 prior mentioned receivers are a few of the many fantastic choices out there.

But if you think they might have even more speakers, or you’re not sure which one would be suitable, then this article on some of the best ones for 2023 might help.






9). A Portable Projector

Here’s something you might not see everyday; a portable projector!

This is the ideal gift for the individual that’s always on the go, yet still enjoys watching content wherever they are.

It’s also a great option for the person that simply wants to watch movies in different rooms at different times.

What’s really cool about this projector is that you can actually pair it with your smartphone and watch content from there on the expanded screen.

It even has built in speakers for quality audio.

So it has a lot of capabilities that you’d expect from a quality projector, while including a handle for enhanced portability.

Check Availability Of Nebula Anker Laser Projector





10). An HDMI Cable

As simple and random as it may sound, chances are if you were to get a home theater buff a high quality HDMI cable, they would be appreciative of it.

While HDMI cables are similar to auxiliary cables & rca cables since they carry the audio signal, HDMI cables also responsible for carrying the video signal between the receiver and the TV.

This makes them an important part of a home theater system.

Whether they get lost, damaged, or become outdated, it’s possible they could use another one.

In terms of the best one to get, the cable listed below is a great choice as it’s one of the types of cables I use, and it’s lasted for quite a while now.

Plus it supports all the latest formats like 8K, 4K and HDR.


Check Availability Of 8K Resolution HDMI Cable






2). Home Theater Accessories


11). Movie Posters

In terms of theater decorations, if they’re a person that’s really into movies, then a movie poster can be a excellent gift.

Besides being wall decor for their room, theater wall art in the form of a movie poster can also be a great way to express their passion for their favorite content.

Plus they can provide that cinematic atmosphere that heightens immersion.

This makes movie posters one of the best movie room ideas in my opinion.

Luckily you have many different options with choosing one since they vary by size, design, genre, material, and whether they’re framed.

You could even opt for a rarer poster that’s harder to find.

One way to narrow it down a bit is to think of one of their favorite movies or shows, and choose one based on that.

If you’re able to pull it off, you can even kick it up a notch and get a signed poster from one of their favorite actors — which would make them ecstatic.

This cinematic movie poster though from Spiderman Into The Spiderverse is pretty awesome


Check Availability Of Enter The Spiderverse Poster





12). Vinyl Record Wall Clock

Besides adding an amazing sense of decorum to the room, this vinyl record wall clock is an amazing home entertainment gift in general.

The reason for that, and what makes this particular theater wall art unique, is that it’s handmade from actual vinyl records.

This gives it an authentic look and feel that works great as wall decor in a dedicated media room; or even as decoration in a more musically based theater room.

Plus it’s not too big at 12 inches across; allowing for a variety of placement options.

I think as far as quality theater room accessories go, this vinyl wall clock is a great way to add some modern, yet vintage flair & style to the room.


Check Availability Of Vinyl Record Wall Clock 





13). Metal Glass Accent Table

This glass table is another cool gift for theater lovers as it takes the unique form of a movie reel sat atop a tripod.

The frame & the legs are made out of cast iron, and the glass platform is thick; meaning it’s really durable.

This is one of those excellent home cinema accessories that helps to compliment the room in a distinct yet refined way.

It measures 15 inches in length and width, and is 25 inches tall. It also weighs about 9.68 pounds.

As theater decor for the living room, or even dedicated theater room, this metal glass accent table adds style in a way you wouldn’t expect it to.


Check Availability Of Metal Glass Accent Table





14). Decorative Movie Reel

Another idea that your giftee might enjoy, especially if they’re looking to add a little cinematic authenticity to their room, is this awesome decorative movie reel.

At 16 inches high and 11 inches across, it makes for a great set piece and decoration, without being too large to place.

Plus, as a movie reel, it’s a great representation of just how far we’ve come as whole with regards to the film industry (while looking really nice!)


Check Availability Of Decorative Movie Reel





15). Cinema Light Box with Letters

Remember those old movie theater signs where they would change the letters inside to let you know what’s playing?

Well this fun little cinema box is a callback to that era, only miniaturized.

Whether it’s simply used as decoration, or as a festive theater sign, this cinema light box adds a certain cinematic vibe to the room.

Even in a more musical theater room, this light box does a great job with complimenting the way room looks from my experience.

What’s also great is that it comes with 192 letters, symbols, and even emojis — so you really can customize it however you want to.

It’s really cool in my opinion.


Check Availability Of Cinema Light Box with Letters





16). Custom Name Home Theater Wall Decal

A theater sign is one of those decorations that allow your home theater to feel more personal.

So what better way to make an enthusiast’s day than giving them a custom wall decal saying (insert name’s) theater room?

Well not exactly that, but you get the idea.

What’s really cool is you can technically make it say anything, and even make it any color.

As far as theater wall art goes, a custom decal can be a great way to express creativity in your entertainment space.


Check Availability Of Custom Name Home Theater Wall Decal





17). Govee Smart LED Light Strips

Adjusting the lighting in the room is an effective way at improving the overall cinematic ambience.

In particular, bias lighting as it’s often called, can benefit the way the room looks; and potentially the way content on screen looks too.

Now there’s a bunch of ways to do this, but one of my personal favorite ways is through smart LED light strips.

These are flexible & colorful strips that are placed on back of the TV.

What’s convenient is they can be cut to the right length, and have smart phone compatibility with its dedicated app.

This allows you to adjust the color, brightness, and even set your own diy mode.

Plus it can even sync to your music with its built-in mic, making it an awesome gift.


Check Availability Of Govee Smart LED Light Strips







18). Acoustic Panels

If your giftee is an audio enthusiast, acoustic panels might be something they appreciate.

Acoustic panels are a type of acoustic treatment that do a great job at minimizing reflective noise in the room when placed right, and can improve overall sound quality.

In a typical home theater seating, I find they sound best when placed on the wall behind the front speakers.

They come in various shapes, sizes, & materials — from fiberglass to foam, so there’s lots of choice in that regard.

I found these panels to be really good.


Check Availability Of Acoustic Foam Wedges







19). Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT Turntable

One cool idea for a present is this Audio-Technica stereo turntable that strikes a fun balance between retro and modern.

While it has the capability to play vinyl records as an authentic turntable, it also has bluetooth compatibility to play music that way as well.

With additional features like a fully automatic belt drive, switchable phono preamp, and replaceable diamond stylus, your giftee could reminisce with some old tunes and jam out to something newer.

Check Availability Of The Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT Turntable





20). A Blu-ray Player

If your giftee watches a lot of movies at home, then a new Blu-ray player can be a great gift.

A Blu-ray player is a multimedia device that plays specialized Blu-ray discs — which display media content at higher resolutions and fidelity.

But these devices also play older DVDs as well, making them quite useful.

More advanced ones can even make use of streaming services, showcase expanded color ranges in movies & shows, and play at 4K/UHD resolutions.

The Sony UBP-X700M is a fantastic choice since it does all of those things, and more.

It even has HDR compatibility for a more vivid viewing experience.


Check Availability Of Sony UBP-X700M Blu-ray Player




3). Home Theater Snacks


21). Popcorn Machine

Is there really a gift any more suitable for a movie enthusiast than getting them their very own popcorn machine?

As far as home cinema based gift ideas go, this is definitely a fun one.

The 3 switches at the top allow it to warm, heat up, and even stir the popcorn; while the tempered safety glass ensures that it doesn’t get too hot.

It comes with an 8 oz measuring cup, pre measured popcorn packs, and even a drawer to catch unpopped kernels.

Plus, the high capacity design allows it to make up to 3 gallons of popcorn per batch which is incredible (certainly more than enough to make these!)

I personally have one and everyone loves to use it when we have a movie night.

Though I’ve also found that actually letting the popcorn maker heat up for a few minutes beforehand tends to lead to more popped kernels.

But whether it’s a gift for someone else, or even yourself, this is an awesome choice.

Then if you wanted to spice things up, you could use different flavor popcorn packs for even further variety.


Check Availability Of Popcorn Machine


Check Availability Of Popcorn Seasoning Variety Packs





22). Upstreman 3.2 Cu.Ft Mini Fridge with Freezer

What good is home theater without some amazing snacks to go with it?

And what good are those snacks if you’ve got nowhere to put them?

This convenient mini refrigerator solves that very dilemma.

A mini fridge offers a level of convenience that makes you wonder how you ever went all this time without one.

These are perfect for dorm rooms, bed rooms, movie rooms, or even the living room as you can store all of the food you don’t want want in the main fridge.

Or you can simply use it for snacks.

This mini fridge in particular not only has removable glass shelves to help store your food and a handy beverage dispenser for easier access, but even has a mini freezer compartment up top for your frozen items.

There’s also a thermostat so you can adjust the temperature of the mini fridge from 33.8 to 46.4 degrees fahrenheit with 5 different settings.

Something else that also makes this mini fridge more attractive is its noise level.

When turned on it runs at about 38 decibels, meaning it runs really quiet.

That’s helpful since you won’t have to worry about a loud distracting noise in the background.

There’s even room in the door for additional snacks or cans of your favorite beverage.

In summary, this would be awesome gift not only for someone who of course loves food, but also appreciates convenience.


Check Availability Of Upstreman 3.2 Cu.Ft Mini Fridge with Freezer





23). A Chocolate Fountain

If they enjoy snacking during movie watching, then a chocolate fountain may be a great option.

A chocolate fountain is the epitome of the gift that keeps on giving in my opinion, since there’s tons of things you can make with it.

And unless they’re allergic or on a diet, there’s a decent chance that they occasionally indulge in chocolate.

This is the one that I use, and it works fantastically while being easy to use.


Check Availability Of Nostalgia Chocolate Fountain





24). Disney Mickey Mouse 1-Cup Coffee Maker with Mug

This coffee maker featuring Mickey Mouse is a fantastic option for the coffee drinkers in your life.

With an illuminated on and off switch, removable drip tray, and flip top lid, coffee making becomes extremely simple.

Plus an included permanent filter ensures you never have to use external filters — helping cut down on waste.

This is great for the people who love heated beverages and well, Mickey Mouse!

And you don’t have to use it for just coffee either; things like tea, and hot cocoa can be made too.

It even comes with a 12 Oz ceramic mug so they’ll actually be able to test it out immediately, right out of the box.

It’s definitely super helpful.


Check Availability Of Disney Mickey Mouse 1-Cup Coffee Maker with Mug





25). My Bambino Personalized Ceramic Popcorn Bowl

If you’re looking for something a little more custom, then this personalized ceramic popcorn bowl might be an awesome gift for the movie lover in your life.

It can hold up to 3 bags of popcorn, and is microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe.

The best part is you can customize the message and name to make it special & unique.

Check Availability Of My Bambino Personalized Ceramic Popcorn Bowl





26). Microwave Popcorn Popper Maker

This is one of those unique items that’s really great to have.

It’s a microwavable & reusable popcorn bowl with an easily removable lid.

This way, they, (or even you) can make an amazing treat in a matter of minutes.

But what’s really cool is that you can add whatever additional toppings you want, unlike traditional bagged popcorn; meaning you can make a wide variety of popcorn with ease.

Plus it comes in a bunch of different colors so there’s something for everybody.


Check Availability Of Microwave Popcorn Popper Maker




4). Home Theater Entertainment


27). Their Favorite Movie Or Show

If all else fails, and you have no idea what to get them, then their favorite show or movie might be an easy option (I mean that’s technically what this list ultimately revolves around right?)

If there was a movie they mentioned a lot recently, then that’s a good sign they’re probably interested in that one.

For example, this complete set of the 8 Harry Potter films on Blu-ray, besides being interesting movies, are amazing reference material when it comes to demoing what a home theater system is capable of.

Check Availability Of Harry Potter: Complete 8-Film Collection


If you have no idea what movie to get them, then you can also always check out this list.






28). A Video Game Console

If they’re even remotely into video games, then a video game console would be a fantastic option for them. The big 3 as of right now are the Xbox Series X, Playstation 5, and Nintendo Switch.

Which one they prefer is going to depend on a lot of things though, so this should help in that decision.






29). LED Laser Star Projector

For the person that might feel their theater room needs a different look, this nifty little piece of tech is an interesting way to do exactly that.

With the press of a button, your room is instantly transformed into a starry field amid a shifting digital nebula cloud that’s downright mesmerizing.

What’s awesome here is that it’s customizable; meaning they can adjust things like the brightness, different special effects, and even the rotation.

It even works with a smartphone for further customization.

If they’re looking for something to add an extra bit of ambiance to their movie nights, this would be it.

It’s pretty incredible honestly.


Check Availability Of LED Laser Star Projector






30). A New Pair Of Headphones

Now there’s a lot of reasons why a pair of headphones would make an awesome present.

But one of the main reasons why is they’re suitable for night time watching when it’s too late to have the home theater system on.

A good pair of headphones can arguably be just as immersive.

Plus if they’re a quality pair, they’ll be versatile enough to be useful in other situations such as simply listening to music, or gaming.

Here are the top 3 pairs that I feel would be incredible to receive, along with an article I did on what to look for in a good pair.


Home Theater Headphones Are A Good Idea


Check Availability Of Sennheiser HD 450BT Around Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones


Check Availability Of Sony WHXB700 Wireless Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones


Check Availability Of Beats Solo 3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones





31). A Bass Shaker

If they love to enjoy the tactile bass of a subwoofer, but don’t necessarily have the space for one, then a bass shaker can be a good alternative.

A bass shaker is basically a small device that attaches to the seating that provides a similar haptic experience without the external noise.






32). A Streaming Service Subscription

a picture of the various channels offered on the sling tv website

A streaming service subscription would also be a solid option if they like watching a variety of content.

There’s lots of different subscription services out there, so choosing one based on what their taste in shows or movies are could be helpful.

Some even have their own unique content.

If they’re someone who’s always busy, then a streaming service that allows for portable watching might be handy.

For example, Sling TV is a monthly service that lets you watch hundreds of thousands of shows, movies, and live TV — even on the go.

This can basically be thought of as an alternative to cable since you aren’t bound by any contracts.

Plus you can use it on your mobile device or tablet which is perfect for those individuals with long commutes that want something to watch.

There’s honestly a lot more to it than that, so check out the article I did that awares you on what to know about it.





5). Home Theater Comfort


33). Home Theater Seating

Surprising someone with an authentic theater chair is one of the ultimate gifts for a home theater.

It’s something you can be sure that the entertainment enthusiast in your life will appreciate immensely.

What’s even better about this one in particular though is the fact it’s a row of 2; meaning you’d get to relax right alongside them.

There’s stainless steel cup holders for your drinks, gel infused memory foam for amazing comfort, storage compartments in the arm rests, and blue LED under lighting which just looks downright incredible.

Not to mention they’re genuine leather power recliners with customizable settings for different seating positions.

This is essentially the upper echelon of comfort and style in my opinion.

Highly recommend it.


Check Availability Of Seatcraft Virtuoso Home Theater Seating





34). ALAZA Classic Movie Clapboard Black Area Rug

In terms of gifts for movie buffs, this is another great one that falls on the more decorative side of things.

This clapboard themed rug is perfect for just about anybody who enjoys anything cinema related.

It measures 60 x 39 inches, and is made from a really soft foam and elastic cotton.

It also happens to be wear resistant & non slip, so no concerns there in terms of its quality.

In summary, a clapboard rug is an awesome gift for decorating a living room, cinema room, or wherever really: and helps give the room flair.

Quiet on the set!


Check Availability Of ALAZA Classic Movie Clapboard Black Area Rug





35). Cinema Personalized Home Decor Design Throw Pillow Cover

This set of 4 movie themed pillow cases would make an awesome gift for any obsessed movie lover.

They’re made out of 100 percent grade A cotton, and measure 18×18 inches (45 cm x 45 cm)

There’s also a zipper with a hidden fastener design to help keep the cohesive look of the pillow case.

Not too much else to say about these other than the fact that they look amazing amazing in person.

As far as movie room gifts go, these make a solid addition.

Definitely recommend them.


Check Availability Of Cinema Personalized Home Decor Design Throw Pillow Cover





36). Ambesonne Movie Theater Shower Curtain

Now this one was too funny not to include on the list.

You know how in older movies there would be that cinematic count down before it actually started?

Well it’s pretty much that but on a shower curtain. It honestly looks really cool in person.

But a really nice thing about this one is that it’s waterproof, and designed to not fade.

It also comes in different lengths, and there’s no liner necessary — meaning all that’s necessary is the shower curtain itself.

As far as home movie theater gifts go, it’s definitely unique.

I haven’t personally seen one quite like it.

The recipient of it might find it both hilarious and useful.


Check Availability Of Ambesonne Movie Theater Shower Curtain





37). A Bean Bag Chair

If you were to gift someone a beanbag chair, I feel there’s probably a good chance they would be incredibly hyped.

Not sure what it is, but there’s just something about them that makes lounging on them incredibly fun

That’s not even mentioning how comfortable they can be.

What’s interesting about this one though is that instead of beans, it uses a special memory foam that contours to your body.

So not only is it softer than the traditional kind, it can adapt to your body shape — giving you the most comfort possible.

Plus they come in a bunch of colors, so there’s something there for everybody.


Check Availability Of Sofa Sack – Plush, Ultra Soft Bean Bag Chair




38). Decorative Movie Night Socks

You’re already relaxing while watching movies, why not do it in comfort and style?

There’s certainly no denying that these while undoubtedly unique, are also extremely comfortable.


Check Availability Of Decorative Movie Night Socks




Well folks, that about wraps it up for this one.. (puns)

Hopefully you found these ideas useful, and now when a birthday or the holiday season rolls back around, you won’t be lost without a clue.

They’re fun, festive, and serve as great choices whether it’s for someone else or even yourself.

Also feel free to check out 10 Home Theater Ideas To Use Right Now for more ways to get even more performance out of your current system as well as this helpful guide for actually setting up a home theater

That’s it for now though.

Until next time, make it easy, keep it simple!

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    I live in an apartment so home theatre is a little further down the road but I know where to come for some great ideas when it comes time.



    • Awesome. Yeah I mean it’s definitely worth it when you can. Let me know if you ever have any questions and I’d be more than happy to help.

  7. my favourite item was the high end theater chairs! i didn know you could buy them for the house!

    next time i change my lazy boy im getting them!

    thanks for the ideas

  8. Thank you for this great article. I appreciate that you have some very creative gift ideas what would really make someone feel special. This is a great list and I will be keeping it handy for the holidays!

    • Yeah, it’s incredible that it’s that time of year already haha. But yeah I wanted to make a list that would be good for anybody at any time of the year.

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