What Is The Roku?

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What is The Roku? It’s Awesome

What Is The Roku?

Throughout our quest for getting the most out of our home theater experience, inevitably you’ll come across the occasional thing that just makes your life that much easier.

So with that then, no doubt at some point or another you’ve at least heard mention of something called the Roku. Besides the interesting name choice (that sounds so similar to Goku) what is it?

Well that’s definitely a multifaceted question. The short, TL;DR answer? It’s a media streaming device with quite a number of channels and features to keep you entertained for eons.

Long answer?

Well that’ll be the rest of this article!







The Different Types of Rokus Available Today


The Roku TV


Is it Worth it


Who it Might Not Be For


Final Thoughts




The interesting thing about media streaming devices in general is they really haven’t been around all too long to appreciate. In the case of the Roku and its history, even though the company was founded in 2002, it wasn’t commercially available until 2008.

In 2007 there were rumors that media giant Netflix would be releasing its own physical player however that rumor was quickly dispelled. So, the VP at the time Anthony Wood, decided to use the other company he created as the outlet for doing this; that company was Roku.

Roku stands for sixth, and was the 6’th company he created; pretty cool right? So then the subsequent year, the first-generation Roku was released. Its focus was being a Netflix streaming box.

As you could probably imagine since it wasn’t something that existed at the time, and since everyone knew Netflix, it was a big hit. If you’re interested here’s a really good article on their surprisingly rich history.



But anyway, as the years passed, additional models were created. In 2010 the HD version of it was released and eventually became the defacto model later that year. Additional generations of the media player would be released each year either while adding more features like faster processing speeds, Bluetooth and 4k support.

There have been 6 generations as of October of this year ironically, and with them of course comes even more features. Let’s take a look at the Roku Devices you can get as of today.



The Different Types Of Rokus Available Today


Today there are a total of 4 new models of the Roku released October, 2017. Let’s see what they feature.

Roku Express


The first one up is the new Roku Express. The difference with the Express is that it now features streaming speeds 5 times faster. What that equates to for you is not only a smoother experience, but also takes care of the potential buffering issue you might run into. It offers a 1080p resolution at 60 fps (frames per second) so at least you’re getting your full HD here.

It features an impressive number of channels totaling over 500 so you’ll never get bored lol. Setup is super easy too. All you need to do is connect the HDMI cord from your television to the Roku. Then connect the power cord from it to a nearby outlet.

You would need to make sure that it’s as close as possible to the TV, and make sure that the remote it comes with can actually see the player so that the IR blaster work. Next you would turn your tv to whatever input you put the HDMI in.

Definitely not too hard. Another new feature is the Roku app that manages to turn your smartphone into the remote if that’s something you would prefer.

All in all, pretty straightforward and as a whole, it’s definitely an improvement with some rather nice features; especially with the 5 times faster streaming speed. That in of itself is worth it (at least for me personally)

Roku Express 




Roku Streaming Stick


The next one is called The Roku Streaming Stick. The biggest notable difference is that rather than being an entirely separate device that you must plug into with a separate HDMI, it plugs directly into the TV itself. It couldn’t be any easier to setup which that’s a big plus. A big difference that it sports compared to the Roku Express is that it supports 802.11ac dual band MIMO (what’s that?!)

For sake of keeping it simple, what you need to know about 802.11ac is that it’s a newer version of WIFI that supports way faster speeds; you can read more about it here if curious,


Super speed seems to be the theme with the new versions of the Roku though, so that’s reassuring. The really awesome thing about this version is that the remote is voice capable, meaning you can control your tv with it. So, the biggest differences all around is the faster WIFI speeds and voice control.

Roku Streaming Stick




Roku Streaming Stick+


The next unit that’s the considered the next step up is the Roku Streaming Stick+. This is where start to see some real differences to the others. The first true difference between them is the offering of 4k at 60fps.

For those unaware, 4k is the next step up from 1080p HD and offers a resolution difference 4 times that of the former. What Is a 4k Video?

That isn’t the only difference though as it supports something just as big arguably; the lesser talked about HDR support. Basically HDR (high dynamic range) is a more natural difference between the bright portions of the screen and the dark, and more closely resembles the way humans see.

Think of a scene at night of a movie and a flashlight suddenly turns on, that light would be more similar to how it would look in person. It adds an additional degree of realism. Yet another big feature it comes with is 4 times the signal range. The reason this would matter is when setting up your Roku, you ideally want it to be as close as possible to your router.

However the further away you move it, the weaker the signal gets and the more you begin to get those buffering issues. By having an increased signal strength, that just means that it no longer needs to be as close to your router so that affords you an extra dimension of convenience.

Roku Streaming Stick+




Roku Ultra


The last model of the 2017 lineup is the Roku Ultra. The Roku Ultra doesn’t have the signal distance the plus has, but it still has the power it has along with the voice control remote. It’s also more like the first one mentioned since it’s more of the traditional, plug it into the TV via HDMI type.

It has a novel feature called remote finder, which tells you where the remote is when it’s lost; how helpful is that? It truly is an impressive lineup in total.

Roku Ultra



The Roku TV

TCL 55S517 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV


I also just wanted to quickly make mention of the fact that Roku also does have a line of televisions powered by them as well. These televisions support the same features that the regular streamers have, only difference is the TV is the player itself.

It comes with the remote, so you don’t have to worry about setting up anything extra. The TV’s themselves have many of the top of the line features like HDR support so they are definitely worth it.



Is it Worth it

That brings me into my next point actually, are the Roku players themselves worth it? With that, I would have to say absolutely. One feature that they all support is the Roku app. When you download it to your smartphone, it then allows you to use it as the remote.

From there you can manage all aspects of the platform including voice control, watching on your mobile then projecting to your TV, and voice control.

That’s a pretty nice little feature people usually aren’t aware of, but it’s super convenient. I would also have to say it’s worth due to the sheer amount of content available.

As of today, there are over 500,000 episodes and movies spread across over 500 channels. There is undoubtedly enough for everyone here. Plus it supports a lot of channels that other streaming devices may not support such as Sling TV.

I personally have a Roku and love it because of the wide variety of entertainment it has. When you sit down and begin finding shows you forgot about from years back, that nostalgia factor is priceless.  Over half a million shows and movies just a simple press away.

Only then, does it really start to dawn on you how much there is to offer here. There’s also the Roku channel that offers a few hundred movies free. It’s pretty hard to not be impressed. That and the mobile app I think is a game changer.



Who It Might Not Be For

At the same time, like many things in life, it’s not going to be for everybody. Honestly there’s only a few reasons why someone might not want one though. The first reason I could think of would be if you have a shoddy internet.

The Roku is pretty reliant on internet connection, so if yours is particularly slow, then maybe it might not be for you, especially the ones that allow streaming in 4k.

Even then, with the advanced processors they have now, they’re pretty forgiving.

Another downside would be in regards to the content. While there is a lot of free content, some do require you to pay. But even then, that’s dependent on the channel.

For example, if a show was offered on Netflix, and you were already a Netflix member, then it wouldn’t matter since you’re already a subscriber.

Yet another minor issue is that with the stick version, it tends to protrude from the HDMI slot a little so it isn’t necessarily flush. You also need to set up an account beforehand so that’s something to be cognizant of.



Final Thoughts

Overall, I think the Roku is assuredly something you can’t go wrong with. If you’re even a little bit of a media buff, then this is a must have. With hundreds of thousands of movies and shows at your disposal, coupled with a plethora features, it’s truly a no brainer. Do yourself a favor, and definitely get one.

Roku Streaming Stick



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  1. I have a roku tv and i absolutely love it. I did not know much about the history of it butI do now that your article enlightened me and it is very interesting. Thank you for this article. I am book marking it so I can continue to read more of what you write.

    • Appreciate it! It really does have a ton movies so can’t complain about getting bored with it lol. Do you prefer the the stick one or the box version?

  2. Hi! I enjoyed reading your article. It’s very detailed and organized. I knew devices like Roku exist but I didn’t really understand how they work and if they are reliable. Now I have learned more about them thanks to you.
    Sadly I don’t have a TV now. Otherwise, I would definitely consider buying a Roku streaming stick or maybe get a Roku TV.

    • Oh wow, yeah, whenever you do get a TV again I’d definitely recommend it to you. A lot of people assume the setup process is complex but it’s really not that bad, actually really easy if anything lol.

  3. I do have a Roku Express and my son has a Roku TCL television, they are very handy compared to the satellite that we used to have. They add more channels to it ever so often, which is great. Like your review about the products, some good info. to know.

    • Sweet man. I think the coolest thing is that they actually have their own Roku channel now which offers a whole bunch of things for free.

  4. Love my Roku Streaming Stick! Probably my best investment as my original streaming device died (XBOX 360) and I got one of the Roku sticks for my friend as a gift before and she loved it. So I had to get it and then canceled my cable soon after because I have all my movie and TV needs right on Roku. Great article as I did not know much about the history of the company.

    • Yeah I’m finding that’s why so many people are loving the roku. Why pay extra when all your favorite shows and movies are right there. And XBOX 360? That’s way back haha. But yeah, it’s pretty cool that the name actually has a significance.

  5. Roku is an awesome alternative to cable and satellite. No more monthly payments, increased prices, and bad customer service. And you get almost anything under the sun!

    • Not to mention their new Roku channel where they actually have hundreds of free shows and movies. It’s like seriously how can you lose with something like that?

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