Sony STRDH190 Review – Quality 2 Channel Stereo Receiver

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Sony STRDH190 Review – Quality 2 Channel Stereo Receiver

The Sony STRDH190 stereo receiver produces crystal clear, 2 channel sound with 100 watts per channel. Its slim design allows for easy placement, and can switch between 2 connected pairs of speakers. Supporting high resolution audio, Bluetooth connectivity, and a phono input, it’s suitable for stereo sound enthusiasts.


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In this Sony STRDH190 review, we’ll take a closer look at a powerful stereo receiver that could enhance your home theater and music listening experience.

With 2 channel support, it can deliver high-quality sound and connectivity for speakers, turntables, TVs, and other devices.

I figured it’d be worth discussing since there may be people interested in stereo sound who aren’t sure which option might be good for it.

So with that said, let’s see what features it offers, and if it’s the right choice for you.



Capabilty To Produce Hi-Res Audio

Support for studio quality sound through High Resolution Audio, allows for better immersion.

Powerful Amplifier Minimizes Distortion

With a hidden amplifier and large capacity power transformer, an impressive amount of impressive power is delivered with 100 watts 2 channel sound.

It also minimizes distortion, and allows for switching between 2 pairs of connected speakers.

Quality Design Delivers Precision Audio

Due to its quality construction, vibrations from external sources are reduced giving you a more accurate sound.

An Aesthetic Low Profile Design

This sleek low profile design gives enhanced placement flexibility.

Analog & Digital Connections

Boasting both analog & digital connections, it’s simple to hook up your retro devices like CD players, turn tables etc.

Or you can use Bluetooth to stream wirelessly.

Bluetooth Standby For Easy Control

With Bluetooth standby, once paired, the device stays paired, and allows you to turn on the receiver with that device.

Built In FM Antenna That Can Access A Radio With 30 Station Presets

A built-in FM antenna that provides access to a radio with 30 station presets, allows you to listen to your favorite channels when you want.


Check Availability Of The Sony STRDH190 Receiver



How To Set It Up

Setting up the STRDH190 is going to depend on how you plan to use it.

Now right off the bat, it’s important to mention that being this is a stereo receiver, there’s no HDMI slots or subwoofer output.

So if that’s something important to you, you may wish to go with another.

Here’s a few ideas in that case.


But if you’re simply looking to connect a few bookshelf speakers to listen to music, here’s how you can do that.


Plugging The Receiver Into Your TV

Though this receiver doesn’t have an HDMI input, it can still be used with a television if it has red & white RCA outputs.

First make sure everything is powered off before connecting anything.

If the TV does have RCA outputs, plug the cables into the appropriate inputs labeled L & R on both the TV and the receiver.

Then connect your speakers into the corresponding black and red terminals for your left and right speaker.

Just make sure the wires aren’t touching as this may cause it to turn off.

You’ll also need speaker wire if you aren’t using Bluetooth since it doesn’t come with any.

This is the one I use.

But after that, turn everything back on and everything should be good to go.

If you’re just using the speakers without the TV, then simply plug the the speaker wire into the black and red terminals.

Using The Receiver’s Bluetooth Capability

If your speakers are active Bluetooth speakers, meaning they have their own internal power, then you can pair them with the receiver which is more straightforward.

To do this, simply push the pairing button until the word pairing flashes on the receiver’s display.

Then pick it from the list of devices in the menu of that device.

After that they should be paired.

You can also then control it with a smart phone or tablet.

As a side note, if you’re the DIY type, there’s also a way you could technically make your speakers or even subwoofer Bluetooth if you chose to do so.



Performance/Sound Quality

First Impressions On The Sound Quality

The quality of the stereo sound the Sony STRDH190 allowed my speakers to output was really awesome.

From my experience, this receiver provided more than enough power for the speakers that I tested with it.

I tested the Sony SS CS5 and the AudioEngine A1 speakers with this receiver to see how the the device fared with traditional and Bluetooth speakers.


How The Receiver Performed With The Sony SS CS5 Speakers

Starting first with the CS5s, what was immediately apparent was the quality of the stereo imaging that the receiver allowed them to produce.

When using them with all kinds of music, there was no distortion or coloration in the audio quality.

Everything sounded great to my ears — probably because of the STRDH190’s impressive 100 watts of available power for each speaker.

For context, you’d probably reach noise complaint territory before approaching the upper bounds of that overall 200 watts limit.

But the power is certainly there in spades if you needed it.

There weren’t any changes to the audio signature that some receivers may introduce.

Everything just sounded crystal clear.

What was also really cool was the receiver’s compatibility with high resolution and lossless audio formats.

To keep it brief, when using those formats with content that supported it, it allowed my speakers to produce an even higher degree of sonic fidelity that was really impressive.

Connection Performance With The Audioengine A1 Speakers

The Sony STRDH190’s ability to connect 2 different sets of speakers and play both together — or switch between them via zones was also really helpful.

That can be really helpful if you want to listen to 2 different pairs of speakers that might be in different rooms.

Testing it with the Audioengine A1s, I found that the feature worked without issue, and was actually really simple to connect.

Bluetooth connectivity was also a breeze, and turning the receiver on via smartphone I found to be really cool.

With Bluetooth 4.2 and aptX capabilities, the audio quality remained excellent whether it was streamed from my phone, tablet, or computer.

There weren’t issues with latency or the connection either, and listening to music through it showed no discernable drop in audio quality.

The connection remained solid the entire time.

There’s even a headphone jack on the STRDH190 should you wish to listen to your content that way.


Check Availability Of The Sony STRDH190 Receiver



Thoughts On Its Appearance

If there’s one distinguishing feature that Sony branded receivers are known for, it’s their awesome design.

While not massively important comparatively, a good looking receiver can make your entertainment center look that much better.

The Sony STRDH190 certainly continues the tradition.

It’s a stereo receiver with a minimalist design that genuinely looks high end.

The brushed metal on the front of the chassis looks & feels premium, and the matching input selector and volume knobs adds to the aesthetic.

I did notice the knobs felt a little stiff at first, but they felt fine after a little bit of time.

There’s a metallic Sony branding on the top left though, and a helpful black & white display that gives source information on things like the current input.

That display interface was also visible even in a bright room, so that’s definitely a plus.

On the the top & back there’s vents present for proper heat dissipation, and metal feet on the bottom for stability.

Curiously enough, I noticed there’s only 2 metal feet situated in front, as the back half of the receiver uses the chassis itself for stability instead.

On the back you have the typical speaker connection options, and interestingly enough HDMI inputs & outputs aren’t present.

The remote felt pretty standard in the hand, and had the basic settings you’d expect from a pack in remote like input selection, volume, and playback controls.

When looking at the STRDH190 in terms of size, I felt it was pretty normal for a receiver.

Coming in at 11x17x5.2 inches, it’s not the smallest thing in the world but not absolutely gargantuan either.

The low profile design is great at only 5 1/4 inches tall, allowing easy placement in most AV cabinets and entertainment centers.

Plus it just gives the device a sleek look in general.

I felt it gave off a premium first impression that’s appreciated.

If anything, it’s a receiver that feels like it’s meant to last.

With a clean and contemporary aesthetic, I think it’s an attractive receiver that fits in with the look of most rooms.


Overall Thoughts

Something to remember when it comes to this receiver is it doesn’t have an HDMI input or output; meaning unless you use an adapter, connecting a device specifically via HDMI isn’t possible.

There’s also no sub input or wifi barring it from using a wired subwoofer.

Now whether those things are particularly important to you are for you to decide, but honestly weren’t in my case.

The receiver could technically use a bluetooth sub if it was compatible so there’s that.

But the most important thing and what it does particularly well, is it delivers a straightforward high quality stereo experience without the fluff.

It’s a really solid performer in my opinion, that provides excellent output for stereo sound listening.

If you can live without those specific features, and simply want to enjoy great stereo sound, then the Sony STRDH190 is awesome in my opinion.



  • 100 watts per channel delivers abundant power
  • Clean sounding audio
  • Bluetooth capabilities work great
  • Ability to connect 2 sets of speakers
  • Slim profile allows easy placement of the unit
  • Easy setup



  • Lacks HDMI slot
  • No Wi-Fi
  • No sub input


Final Thoughts

Hopefully you enjoyed this Sony STRDH190 review and it helped you decide whether this is the right receiver for you.

To sum it up, it’s a great performer, and if you’re someone that’s simply looking for something that’ll effectively get the job done with quality stereo sound, I’d definitely recommend it.


Check Availability Of The Sony STRDH190 Receiver




The full Specifications of the Sony STRDH190 are as follows:


2ch (Supporting Speaker A+B)


6–16 ohms


100 W + 100 W (8 ohms, 1 kHz, THD 1%)


Phono Volume Offset


FM / Yes
AM/ No


TTL30 (30/- )


Analog Audio Input (4), Phono input (1), Headphone Output (1)




Bluetooth Receiver


AC 120 V 60 Hz


Size & Weight
14 lb 13 oz (6.7 kg)


(W X H X D IN)
17″ x 5-1/4″ x 11-1/4″ (430 x 133 x 284 mm)


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