The Best Home Theater Systems For 2019

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The Best Home Theater Systems For 2019

Here Are The Best Home Theater Systems For 2019. In this picture A projector is shown.

You can probably tell from the title what we’re going to be going over here; The Best Home Theater Systems For 2019. When it comes to choosing a home theater, it can seem like there’s almost infinite options out there. So to help you out, we’ll briefly go over a few ways to do just that.

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Go With A Premade Setup If You Want To Do Less Work

First you’re going to want to consider the type of system you’re actually going after.

Do you want a premade home theater system, or do you want to make your own? With a premade system, everything you need in the way of speakers is already inside of the box, so all you’ll need to do essentially is plug it on. The benefit with this setup is that it’s a lot faster and easier to do.

The downside is that there are a lot of less than stellar quality ones out there. With making your own, obviously the benefit lies in being able to customize it. Basically you’re deciding what speakers, what subwoofer, and what receiver you personally want.

This can yield some awesome results with some really great sound. The downside with this though, is that a lot of speakers can end up not sounding so great with one another. You would really have to do your research beforehand.

In this picture, a small speaker is shown.

Not only that, but you’re also responsible for making sure that they’re compatible, so that could be a lot more work than someone might have time for.

(Though if you’re only interested in creating your own from scratch, I did do an article that should definitely help you out.)


Deciding On The Type Of System

Once you decide on that, you’ll then want to figure out if you’re after a sound bar, a 2.1, 5.1, or even 7.1 system. A soundbar is basically just that, a long strip of speakers in one casing.This can be beneficial for the people who don’t have the most space in the world.

On the flip side, you can lose that surround sound aspect, since it would technically be coming from one single location. In the more typical setup, (the numbered systems up above) separate speakers are used. So for example when you see 5.1, that just means there’s 5 separate speakers.The 1 stands for the included subwoofer.

Fairly simple right? Hopefully that helps some. Now with regards to this article, we’ll be going of over 10 of the top premade home theater systems for 2019. (A safe bet is that you’ll need speaker wire and pin plugs for some of these on the list to work by the way, so I personally would).

But these are all solid choices, so you really can’t go wrong with any of these; meaning don’t stress too much 😉.

1. Onkyo HT-S3800 5.1 Channel Home Theater Package


2. Yamaha Bluetooth Music Cast Audio & Video Component Receiver Black


3. Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System


4. Acoustic Audio LED Bluetooth 2.1-Channel Home Theater Stereo System Black


5. Onkyo SKS-HT870 Home Theater Speaker System


6. Yamaha NS-SP1800BL 5.1-Channel Home Theater Speaker System


7. Monoprice 10565 Premium 5.1 Channel Home Theater System with Subwoofer


8. Klipsch Quintet 5.0 Home Theater Speaker System


9. VIZIO SB4451-C0 SmartCast 44″ 5.1 Sound Bar System


10. Yamaha YHT-4920UBL MusicCast Home Theater



Onkyo HT-S3800 5.1 Channel Home Theater Package

Onkyo HT-S3800 5.1 Channel Home Theater Package


The first one up was actually one of my personal firsts. There’s a lot of bang for your buck with this one hence why it’s on the list. But what does it offer and why might you want one? Well there’s actually a lot of reasons so let’s get into them.

The first big feature that it has is Bluetooth capability. What that means for you is the ability to play music without the worry of being tethered by an auxiliary cord. I’m pretty sure there’s those of you out there who know first hand how annoying that can be, so it’s really awesome that it’s here.

All you have to do is turn on Bluetooth on your phone, pair it via the receiver, and voila you have sound. So then you could play whatever you want without having to sit next to your speakers. Another really cool thing to note about this is it supports 4k.

A lot of times, when playing a video in 4k, a receiver will be incapable, leaving you relegated to using an optical cable. Luckily, this isn’t the case here at all. It’s also really easy to connect as well. It has 80 watts a channel, which basically means that output will not be an issue here.

What’s reassuring to see Is the support for Dolby True HD and DTS-HD. For those unaware of what those are, they’re two formats which support lossless audio. That equates to things sounding exactly the way the director intended. Really impressive to see that offered here honestly.

So what are people saying? Some of the pros of the system are that the sound is exceptional and it gets loud. It also seems like the subwoofer is pretty good as well. The Cons are that some people are stating that there’s only one HDMI port supporting 4k.

However that could be remedied via an HDMI Splitter if one were concerned about that. Another thing is that this is a system for smaller rooms, so if you’re looking for output in gigantic spaces, you may want to reconsider.



  • This is for people with smaller rooms that want a better sound than their TV offers.
  • It’s for people who don’t want to offer an arm and a leg to get a true quality sound.
  • It’s for the people who want everything they’ll need in a single box, without the added hassle of not knowing how to hook it up.



  • It’s probably not for the people with large rooms looking to fill that entire space.
  • Not for people who absolutely need the lowest bass possible.

Overall though, this is a fantastic system and is definitely worth your time.

Onkyo HT-S3800 5.1 Channel Home Theater Package




 Yamaha Bluetooth Music Cast Audio & Video Component Receiver Black

Yamaha Bluetooth Music Cast Audio & Video Component Receiver Black


Next up is the Yamaha Music cast system. This one offers quite a number of attractive features that you’ll definitely appreciate. What are they though? Let’s find out.

This is a 5.1 system with with a lot of power. So much so in fact that each channel has 145 watts. To put that in perspective, most systems I’ve seen only go to about 100 watts per channel so that’s huge.

The subwoofer itself is 100 watts, so there’s going to be a lot of thump. It supports 4k audio which is awesome. That means if you’re a big fan of 4k media, then this will be right up your alley. Not just 4k either, but the newest standard of 2.2 pass-through.

All that means is that you’re essentially future proofed with this thing. One of my favorite features of this thing has to be the YPAO optimizing microphone support. To make it simple, whenever you calibrate a speaker, you usually have to do it manually with external equipment.

However all you have to do here is plug the included microphone into the receiver, and place it in your listening position. Then you would press start, and it’ll do all the manual work for you automatically. How cool is that?!

Basically that means you can get better sound technically with just the press of a button. I personally have one of these mics, and can attest to the difference it makes. Overall the system itself looks nice, and comes in a glossy black.

One of the biggest benefits with this choice is its Bluetooth abilities. All you have to do is turn on  Bluetooth on your mobile device, and you’re good to go. A really unique feature present that may convince you to want one is it’s extra bass setting.

Ever want just a little more from your subwoofer? Well with this, you’re getting exactly that, making movies and games sound incredible.



  • The reviews for this product have been overwhelmingly positive. It’s sound is fantastic.
  • It’s easy to setup.
  • Good for small to medium sized rooms.



  • In larger sized rooms, the subwoofer may need a little more oomph.
  • Someone reported a humming noise coming from theirs, but again, that was only one person.


This is definitely one you should check out.

Yamaha Bluetooth Music Cast Audio & Video Component Receiver Black




 Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System

Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System


The Logitech Z906 is a system that’s built on the premise of quality. It’s in a 5.1 configuration which is pretty standard. However what’s not standard is the punch this thing packs. With a 1000 Watt peak, you can tell it means business. Dolby DTS makes an appearance so you’re getting to hear every sound as intended.

A really cool fact about this one in particular is that it’s THX certified. THX certification is one of the hardest media accreditations to get, so the fact that it has it speaks volumes about its performance. An emphasis on making things easy is also a theme here with a remote that isn’t cluttered like similar ones can be.

Set up is also a breeze with a very straightforward process. The one thing that really stands out is its 3D stereo capability. What is that?

Basically if you were to play a movie or game that came before current standards, the sound would only be available in regular stereo. However with this, it can turn that normal stereo into surround sound, making you feel like you’re right there in the action. You can read more about that here if curious.



  • Easy to setup
  • It has a lot of power to provide a fun experience.
  • Great sound quality (that’s an understatement).
  • Subwoofer gives a nice bass output.



  • Will still have trouble in overly large rooms.
  • The remote loses signal after a few feet causing you to stand closer for it to work.


Still a great system that’s worth a closer look.

Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System





Acoustic Audio LED Bluetooth 2.1-Channel Home Theater Stereo System Black

Acoustic Audio LED Bluetooth 2.1-Channel Home Theater Stereo System Black


The Acoustic Audio 2.1, like the name suggests, is a smaller sized system. With it being 2.1 rather than the more common 5.1, its focus is on smaller listening areas.

But don’t let it’s size fool you, as big things can and do come in small packages. Why might you be interested in this one? Well for starters Bluetooth is alive and well here. Being able to effortlessly stream music from your phone to a dedicated system is invaluable, and it’s really awesome that it’s offered.

That means a lot less fiddling with wires on your end. Another thing to note is it’s appearance. It comes in a slick glossy black, and really adds to that premium feel. You would have to see it in person to truly appreciate it.



  • A very attractive exterior that’s easy on the eyes.
  • Bluetooth abilities, meaning all your favorite music can be used.
  • Surprisingly powerful given it’s small stature.
  • The audio quality is very good.



  • This is definitely one for very small rooms.
  • For places like college dorms and one bedroom apartments, this is perfect. Anything larger than that and I wouldn’t suggest it.
  • It’s a 2.1 system meaning the focus is on stereo sound and not surround. If that’s what you were looking for then this won’t do that.
  • It doesn’t have a lot of output which is why I stressed this being right at home in very small in environments.


Still, I’d suggest checking it out to see if it’s right for you because I personally found it to be very good.

Acoustic Audio LED Bluetooth 2.1-Channel Home Theater Stereo System Black




Onkyo SKS-HT870 Home Theater Speaker System

Onkyo SKS-HT870 Home Theater Speaker System


This is a really cool package because of one distinguishing feature that sets it apart from the rest on this list so far; 7.1 surround sound goodness! For those that aren’t aware what 7.1 means, think of it this way.

Let’s say you have your standard 5.1 system, but decide that you want just a little more in the way of immersion. Well what 7.1 is poised to do is just that. By adding an extra set of speakers behind you, movie watching becomes way more realistic than ever before. It really is an exciting addition.

Lifewire did a really good article on the difference if you’re curious about the technical side.

But what else is given? Well first and foremost, it comes with floor standing left and right channel speakers. A floor stander is just that, one that doesn’t need to be placed on a shelf and can stand on its own. The benefit of that is a fuller range sound since those can typically get louder than their bookshelf counterparts.

Another thing to note is that the subwoofer that’s included is incredibly powerful at 230 watts. It’s also 10 inches which is pretty substantial. That’s honestly going to give your games, and movie watching experience an entirely new dimension.

With 130 watts per channel, this is the one to get if your focus is extremely satisfying sound. They’re also already calibrated so no need to worry about that.



  • Floorstanding speakers offer a fuller range sound than bookshelves, so everything will be that much more immersive
  • A very powerful subwoofer that’ll mean a very impressive low end
  • Already calibrated
  • Easy to set up



  • Large speakers so adequate space is needed.
  • Being 7.1, the addition of an extra 2 speakers means you’ll have to know beforehand where you want them since they’re supposed to be placed behind you.
  • The package is very heavy at almost 80 pounds, so you will need help getting it into your house.
  • Doesn’t Include the receiver or wires.

If you already have a receiver, I wouldn’t let those little quibbles sway you, as I seriously think this is one of the best ones out there.

Onkyo SKS-HT870 Home Theater Speaker System




Yamaha NS-SP1800BL 5.1-Channel Home Theater Speaker System

Yamaha NS-SP1800BL 5.1-Channel Home Theater Speaker System


The Yamaha NS is an awesome little assembly of speakers where the sound belies it’s initial appearance. Now right off the bat I want to state that this another one for smaller sized rooms. So if you’re in anything bigger than that, may not be the best for you.

But what do you get with this one? Well it’s a 5.1, meaning you get full surround capabilities. The grilles themselves are also removable meaning you can rock them with or without; it’s up to you. There’s an 8 inch, 100 watt subwoofer that has a really cool spec called Advanced YST.

YST stands for Yamaha Active Servo Technology and to put it simply, it allows your subwoofer to get louder with less effort. That means at lower volumes, you’ll be getting better quality sound in everything that you watch.

Another interesting addition is that they’re all magnetically shielded. Basically, within each speaker is usually a magnet which allows the driver itself to move. (I talk about that more here

But the issue with this is that these same magnets can sometimes cause interference with electronics. Luckily you won’t have to worry about that at all here as they are all magnetically shielded.

If you so choose, you can also wall mount these. Set up is really easy as well fortunately.



  • It offers a big sound in a small package, giving you a lot of bang for your buck
  • They can be wall mounted if you’re trying to save space
  • There’s a setting that can amplify your sound even further



  • It doesn’t come with a receiver so you’ll likely need a separate one along speaker wire
  • The package itself is slightly heavy at 40 pounds
  • This is a system I would only recommend for smaller rooms. Anything bigger than say a 1 bedroom, and you’ll likely need more


Still, go check it out if this sounds like a fit for you. I personally think it’s really great.

Yamaha NS-SP1800BL 5.1-Channel Home Theater Speaker System




Monoprice 10565 Premium 5.1 Channel Home Theater System with Subwoofer

Monoprice 10565 Premium 5.1 Channel Home Theater System with Subwoofer


The Monoprice 10565 is a 5.1 system with a big focus on quality. With 100 watts per channel, you’ll definitely have more than enough output in the average listening area. The subwoofer is an 8 inch down firing model.What this means for you is a lot more boom for your room.

It also has 4 rubber feet on the bottom. This is great for minimizing the amount of unwanted sound that might travel through things like walls and floors; meaning you can go louder without annoying your neighbors!

Hooking it up is simple, with all you needing to do is connect external speaker wire. This is one you definitely love. You can also wall mount so you won’t have to worry about a lack of options.



  • A lot of power with 100 watts per channel.
  • Sound quality is something you don’t need to worry about.
  • Wall mounting is also an option.



  • You’ll need external speaker wire and pin connectors.
  • Doesn’t come with a receiver


Overall there’s not too many bad things to say about it, but don’t just take my word for it, see what others are saying!

Monoprice 10565 Premium 5.1 Channel Home Theater System with Subwoofer




Klipsch Quintet 5.0 Home Theater Speaker System

Klipsch Quintet 5.0 Home Theater Speaker System


This is a system that bleeds quality. This setup gives you all the surround sound that you need to add that extra layer of depth to your content. The interesting thing here is that it includes Klipsch’s unique trademark horn technology.

To make it simple, most traditional speakers include something called a silk dome tweeter. This is the part that’s responsible for the treble and higher end sounds. A horn tweeter however is able to reproduce higher level of accuracy compared to the other types.

The result is a more realistic presentation. What that means for you is that movies and games come to life like never before. You’ll be amazed with it honestly.

They come with wall mounting brackets so you can put them up on a wall, or on a shelf; the choice is yours. Even better is the fact they also come with floor stand mounts meaning they can be placed on a stand. As far as audio overall goes, you won’t be disappointed as this is a really high end system.



  • Like I’ve said, the audio here is top notch so you’ll really appreciate it.
  • Multiple mounting options gives you a myriad of choices.
  • Horn tweeter offers a much more realistic presentation with media.



  • It doesn’t come with a receiver.
  • You’ll need separate wire and connectors.
  • No Subwoofer


If you don’t mind the exclusion of a subwoofer or receiver, this is an excellent choice as well.

Klipsch Quintet 5.0 Home Theater Speaker System




VIZIO SB4451-C0 SmartCast 44″ 5.1 Sound Bar System

VIZIO SB4451-C0 SmartCast 44″ 5.1 Sound Bar System


This will be a system that’ll easily carry you into 2019 and beyond. This one is also different because rather than being the typical 5.1 surround setup, the left, right, and center are in the sound bar.

This saves space while still giving you the same amount of immersion. But what is it that’s so good about this one. Well for one, it can go as high as 103 DB. To put that perspective, that’s about the volume of a live band.

Yeah, output won’t be an issue with this one. But all the output in the world means nothing if the sound isn’t great. Luckily, that’s not an issue here. Another surprising aspect of this system is the subwoofer, as it’s advertised to go down to 40 Hz (hertz).

Basically, the lower this number, the better. Why? Because you’ll get a better bass over all. Even better is the fact that it’s wireless.



  • A low bass response means it’ll sound just like the movies.
  • Wireless capability means you won’t have to fiddle with wires.
  • You don’t need an external receiver.
  • Comes with all of the wires.
  • Amazing sounding.



  • There can sometimes be pairing issues with the app.
  • The remote can also have connectivity issues sometimes.


Ultimately, I’d say go and see what you think though, because I strongly think you’ll like it.

VIZIO SB4451-C0 SmartCast 44″ 5.1 Sound Bar System




Yamaha YHT-4920UBL MusicCast Home Theater

Yamaha YHT-4920UBL MusicCast Home Theater


The last one on the list is actually similar to the other musicast system mentioned with 2 key differences though. The first one is WIFI connectivity. With a wireless direct feature, streaming audio is a breeze.

That means a much faster way to listen to all the music and shows you love. With support for major streaming  players like Pandora, Airplay, and Spotify, you won’t have to worry about confusing connection options.

The other added benefit is that it also comes with an optimization mic meaning you can calibrate your speakers with basically the press of a button. At 70 watts per channel, power is not something this 5.1 system is lacking.

It also happens to have a usb slot on the front so that you can physically connect your phone/media player if you so choose. Simply put, this thing is a beast.



  • Support for all the newest formats like 4K and 2.2 HDMI passthrough
  • Bluetooth connection options meaning auxiliary cords won’t be necessary
  • Support for high resolution audio and all the newest Dolby formats
  • Support for many streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora
  • A subwoofer with a respectable low end
  • An optimizing microphone so you won’t ever have to worry about manually calibrating your speakers
  • Multiple EQ options to further customize your sound
  • Easy to set up



  • The wires can seem a little on the thinner side
  • Remote can be a little wonky


Still I personally think that this is one of the best all in one systems out there right now.

Yamaha YHT-4920UBL MusicCast Home Theater



Well these are undoubtedly, in my opinion, the best home theater systems for 2019. With all of the options out there, I know that choosing can be a little difficult. However for the upcoming year, I feel like these are all solid choices for you to decide between.

I have no doubt that you’ll love the choices offered here. But hopefully, this should all help to make it a little easier. Still, If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask! Until then, take care 😉


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  1. I’ve been looking for a home theater system for my living room. I’ve done a little research into it but haven’t decided yet. You have made some great recommendations. There is a lot to choose from. Which from this list would you say is the best? I want a system with great sound quality and a system that can get loud.

    • To be honest with you, I couldn’t say because it depends. Best 2.1, 5.1, or best sound bar? Because from there then I’d be able to really let you know

  2. WOW, such a great article. as a mum of two little kids, it is difficult for me to go to theaters to watch movies. I will keep your recommendations in my mind when buying a home theater. I am not at all good in technical things so your article is so so helpful for people like me.

  3. I think that by far the coolest feature with home entertainment systems is that many of them are bluetooth compatible. Being able to control your entire night of entertain from your smart device without leave the comfort of your couch is fantastic. Thanks for pointing out the pro’s and con’s of all the systems. I currently live in a small apartment with my wife and little 10 month year old son. We have a 6 year old Element TV and no sound system to go with it (only the speaker coming out of the TV). Using some of your recommendations maybe with a little budgeting we could upgrade. Thanks again!

  4. Such a comprehensive list you’ve got here! I’m a big fan of the Acoustic Audio LED Bluetooth 2.1-Channel Home Theater Stereo System since the audio is good quality and really compact, just what I need. I don’t have a big living room so this one would be perfect for me. Or do you have an alternative more recommended?

  5. This is a great article! With a lot of great suggestions. I have a home made system and love it. I am not sure what receiver or speakers we have because, well we pieced it together. It actually works the entire house so, it works very well.

    I use to have a BOSE pre-made system and it went out on us like two times so, now we stick with pre-made systems. Thank you for sharing this informative post. Have an awesome day!

  6. This is a great article to keep in my bookmark tab – you have summed up here some great recommendations that can be useful now and in the future.
    I am currently living “on the move” and renting, so I won’t be investing in a home theatre system right now, but by next year I will be in my new home – so I am keeping this article for when we settle in!
    Thanks for this!

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  10. Thanks for the in depth and truthful reviews! It’s always good to know what something can and can’t do with out someone trying to give you the hard sell. The VIZIO SB4451-C0 SmartCast 44″ 5.1 Sound Bar System is the choice for me!

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