Edifier P17 Passive Bookshelf Speakers Review

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Edifier P17 Passive Bookshelf Speakers Review

The Edifier P17 passive bookshelf speakers have a warmer yet refined sound signature that compliments their impeccable clarity. While their lower 77db/watt sensitivity means they’re better suited for near-field or surround sound use, the adept quality of their audio make them really fun to listen to. Plus their cherry wood exterior looks beautiful in person.


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MDF Wood Enclosure

MDF wood (medium-density fibreboard) is a composite material often used when constructing speakers.

This is done to reduce unwanted resonances by making them more rigid and resistant to vibration.

That allows for a cleaner overall sound.

Wall Mountable

Since the P17 has wall mounting brackets built into the speaker, it allows additional placement options with regards to what works best with your particular setup.

It could be placed on a wall and used as a surround speaker, or placed on a desk, speaker mount, etc.


4 Inch Woofers & Silk Dome Tweeters

This speaker features a 4 inch mid-driver, and a 3/4 inch tweeter. There’s also a bass reflex port located below that helps to further minimize distortion; providing for a much clearer sound.


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How To Set It Up

Being that these are passive speakers, that means they’ll need an external source, be it an amp or receiver, to actually work.

In terms the set up of these speakers, they’re done just like with any other passive speaker; by stripping the wire, and inserting it into the speaker terminal or opening.

Here’s the full process for how that’s done if curious.




Sound Quality

General First Impressions

What about the sound though, how do the Edifier P17s actually sound?

My first impressions were that they produced a surprising level of clarity and warmth with their sound, but had a really subdued characteristic about them at the same time.

The best way I think these can be described is clear yet tame.

Now I will say this right off the bat, these speakers have a sensitivity rating of 77db/watt.

Sensitivity is basically a measure of how efficient a speaker is and the higher the sensitivity, the less power you’ll need to actually get to a decent volume.

77dB is actually pretty low, which means you’ll want a receiver with a decent amount of power to power these.

In my opinion, I think this makes them better in being near field monitors (such as listening to music or being used with a computer)

They work for home theater purposes too, it’s just that that low sensitivity means you’ll have to turn the volume up more to get to a useable level compared with a speaker that’d have a higher sensitivity for example.

But in terms of sound quality when doing so, they’re actually really good.

A really cool thing I also experienced with the P17s was how well they seemed to respond to EQ adjustments, reminding me of the Sony SSCS5s in that way.

They had a lot of versatility in that regard, and I was able to dial things in even more because of how favorable they responded to equalization.


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With Music

The best way to guage the capability of a new speaker, in my opinion, is to first play music on them but without a subwoofer.

That way you get to see what they’re capable of on their own.

So with that being said, when I initially tested them with music, I noticed that they had incredible clarity.

I’d say they definitely leaned more towards the warmer side, with a real grounded & full bodied sound.

It was never muddled or hazy sounding though.

Everything sounded clear, and instruments were easily decipherable.

Keeping in mind the fact that these are bookshelf speakers, I’d say that the bass on these are decent.

Being that they’re rated to go down to a frequency of 55Hz, the bass was actually pretty good in terms of kick, it’s just the extension of the bass that doesn’t stick around.

I typically don’t listen to music without a subwoofer anyway though, but just figured I’d mention it for those that do.

In terms of pure audio quality, these are really enjoyable speakers to listen to and in that regard, I don’t really have any major quibbles that I can think of.


With Movies

Even with movies, cranking these up with a subwoofer produced a satisfying soundstage, with intricate details in action scenes clearly audible.

It’s just that I had to turn the receiver up a little more than I typically would to get to that same level of audio.

Once they’re at that level though, they’re certainly enjoyable.

I find that they work best in small to average sized rooms, and are even really good for close listening at lower volumes due to their versatility.

They also work really well as surround speakers, and I think for those looking for a good pair of surround sound speakers, these would certainly work.

Overall they produced clear sound even at higher volumes, and never sounded muddy or sibilant.

If you prefer a warmer sounding speaker that looks good and performs really well, then these are great speakers.


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One of the things I absolutely love most about the Edifier P17 bookshelf speakers is their appearance. Even with the grille on, they still have a really distinct look that I personally think stands out in a good way.

It’s actually a common thing I’ve noticed with Edifier sspeakers. Their designs tend to be really intricate & unique, and it’s no different here.

When looking at the front of the speaker with the grille on, you’ll notice two black accents on the right and left with the company logo towards the bottom.

With the speaker grille removed, there’s a soft dome tweeter placed towards the top, a mid-woofer located in the middle, and bass reflex port towards the bottom.

Taking a look at the sides (and this is my personal favorite part about their look) you’ll notice the cherry wood panels that give the speaker a real professional look.

They definitely remind me of the Polk RTI A3 in that regard, but it’s cool to see the contrast between the black cabinet and cherry wood side panels.

I did notice that they pick up fingerprints pretty easily since they’re glossy so that’s something to keep in mind.

Another pretty cool thing about them though is the fact that they’re not gargantuan in size.

Now mind you they’re not exactly small, but they’re certainly not unwieldy either weighing about 9.46 pounds and measuring 6.61 x 5.04 x 9.37 inches.

So for those that plan on using them in a normal size room, I do think they’ll work.

All in all, they’re definitely a beautiful looking pair of speakers and manage to tout a unique identity that’s all their own.


What’s In The Box/Unboxing

In terms of what actually comes in the box, there’s the speakers themselves, and two sets of 6 foot cable included which is pretty nice.

You also have the option of using extra speaker wire if the length isn’t long enough.

Unboxing the speakers was also pretty straightforward with what Edifier calls an easy to open frustration free box.

I can attest to that being true because when you first open the box, the speakers are sat right on top and wrapped in plastic.

Not really much to say on the presentation of the packaging though since it comes in a brown box, but the speakers looked secure inside so that’s a plus.



  • Detailed sound quality
  • Great clarity
  • Bass has oomph in the mid bass with music
  • Responds really well to EQ adjusting
  • Wood finish looks beautiful
  • Can be wall mounted



  • Low sensitivity
  • Bass extension roll off at 55Hz


Final Thoughts

Hopefully you enjoyed this Edifier P17 passive bookshelf speakers review and now have a better idea of whether or not this is the right speaker for you.

I personally feel that they perform exceptionally well, while having a great sound quality and looking incredible to boot.

They’re just solid speakers all around and have no issues with recommending them.

They’re awesome!


Check Availability Of The Edifier P17 Speakers




The specs of the P17 are as follows:

Frequency response 55Hz-20000 kHz

Sound pressure level – 77 dB (1W/1M)

Rated power of 5W – 20W

Impedance – 6 Ohm

Frequency division point – 1700 Hz

Bass driver – 4 inches (116mm)

Tweeter – 3/4 inches 19mm silk film tweeter

5 way binding posts for compatibility with different connection types

Weight of the speakers – 13.228 pounds (6kg)

In terms of dimensions, the speakers measure 5.04 inches (128mm) x 9.37 inches (238mm) x 6.61 inches (168 mm) (WxHxD)

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